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>…I have to ask: what is it that you find unreasonable about it?  Of course they don't have a 'right' to the info, but it seems harmless to me.  How could anyone use it to harm you?  I do not think that you will be teaching them a lesson.  You will just be regarded as a crank.   bill w



Billw, I don’t mind being seen as a crank in our times in which the 4th amendment is being eroded at a most alarming rate.  We caught the FBI falsifying evidence in order to get a secret surveillance warrant on an American citizen (Carter Page.)  The guy who did it never served a minute in prison.  We now have every reason to think the NSA is routinely collecting private discussions by US citizens, and yet now there isn’t even a trial.  The fed needs to be reminded that they don’t come to people’s homes and ask anything, unless they have a warrant.  They are out of line.  They don’t get special privileges or powers on account of a pandemic.


But think about it, suppose they do that, come to someone’s home, then… what?  They ask if the residents have been vaccinated, I say none of their business.  But what if it is a neighbor, who says no.  Then what?  They do… what?  There is nothing they can do legally.  They can’t make people take a vaccine that isn’t even approved by the FDA.  But if it is subsequently approved by the FDA, the fed still doesn’t have the authority to compel citizens to take it.  So why ask?  Just showing up at my door is a violation of my 4th amendment rights, and it accomplishes nothing.





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