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> they're people that simply rather live without the recommendation of "top
> scientists" & government funded projects. To be told what you need to do &
> take at specific times in specific places by specific companies is much
> like a chicken in a coop.

If a scientist or the government tells them they need to breathe will they
hold their breath? Will they starve if they're told they should eat?

If you have a legitimate reason not to vaccinate, that's not antiscience.

If you know the risks and choose not to vaccinate for no good reason,
that's probably not smart.

If you don't believe the risks or fear the vaccine for some handwavy reason
like the-government-wants-me-to-take-it-so-it-must-be-evil or
the-Constitution-doesn't-require-me-to-take-it, then, yeah, you're

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