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You cannot dislodge deeply held emotional beliefs via logic in highly emotional people. 

For example, I am very superstitious despite knowing very well that superstition is illogical. 

Their arguments are logical justification created after the fact, they’re not the reason for the belief. This is why they become so upset when you point out the flaws in logic — they feel you are attacking their vulnerable emotional state rather than their logical justification. 

The only way is to reduce the emotions connected to the belief, or present a more emotionally compelling case. 

SR Ballard

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>> I too am reading politics and religion, neither of which are forbidden or even unpopular on this list.  In fact the other list was created for politics and any other controversial topic anyone wants to post about.  I'd love to discuss religions - not so much politics (I read about the politics in the American Revolution and don't want any more of that garbage).  bill w
> Alright, then: how does one deprogram religious folks who believe their holy book is 100% literally true, despite demonstrable internal consistency errors rendering it logically impossible that the book's contents could be 100% literally true (even ignoring conflicts with observed evidence outside the book)? 
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