[ExI] dogs lie?

Gregory Jones spike at rainier66.com
Mon Jul 19 23:02:51 UTC 2021

on a phone here do pardon misspellings and lcs.

witnessed two small housedogs rassling and tussling.  both dogs like to
bark at pssers by.  in the rassling match dog b was clearly getting the
worst at the paws of dog a.

suddenly dog b alerted, jumped up and began ferociously barking out the
window, even tho no one was there.  dog a immediately abandoned the
rassling match and jumped to the window to see what marvelous barkage had
come inti view.  as dog a looked about in confusion, dog b jumped dog a,
with the new advatage.

did i witness a dog make a devious strategy?  did i see one dog lie to the
other?  then take advantage of it?  i have always thought of dogs as being
such honest beasts.

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