[ExI] dogs lie?

William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 20 13:51:35 UTC 2021

If it suits you to believe it, then fine.  I think that it is probable that
the dog heard something outside that you didn't hear.  But it would not
surprise me much if you were right.

I appreciate your effort to write me a little note.  Virtually all of my
old friends are dead - all of them.  Several were older but some died way
too young.

You said you were Eeyore and your wife was Tigger, or is that backwards?

I hope you are in a place easily escaped.

Rain, rain, and more rain.  Extreme weather everywhere.  The BRitish Open
(golf) was played in beautiful weather, totally uncharacteristic of
Sandwich, England, where clouds, wind and rain are typical.  Can extreme
weather be great?   bill w

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> on a phone here do pardon misspellings and lcs.
> witnessed two small housedogs rassling and tussling.  both dogs like to
> bark at pssers by.  in the rassling match dog b was clearly getting the
> worst at the paws of dog a.
> suddenly dog b alerted, jumped up and began ferociously barking out the
> window, even tho no one was there.  dog a immediately abandoned the
> rassling match and jumped to the window to see what marvelous barkage had
> come inti view.  as dog a looked about in confusion, dog b jumped dog a,
> with the new advatage.
> did i witness a dog make a devious strategy?  did i see one dog lie to the
> other?  then take advantage of it?  i have always thought of dogs as being
> such honest beasts.
> spike
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