[ExI] After death, girl friend recreated as GPT-3 chatbot

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Sun Jul 25 08:01:07 UTC 2021

After Joshua Barbeau's fiancé passed away, he spoke to her for months.
Or, rather, he spoke to a chatbot programmed to sound exactly like

In a story for the San Francisco Chronicle, Barbeau detailed how
Project December, a software that uses artificial intelligence
technology to create hyper-realistic chatbots, recreated the
experience of speaking with his late fiancé. All he had to do was plug
in old messages and give some background information, and suddenly the
model could emulate his partner with stunning accuracy.

This is an interesting, very long and moving story, but worth reading.


Of course, Open AI, (who created GPT-3), have warned that the
technology could be misused. Changing the database could make
recreated personalities behave in ways the real person never would.
But then all tech can (and will be) misused.
That's the way humans work.


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