[ExI] Mortality figures in covid-19

Henrik Ohrstrom henrik.ohrstrom at gmail.com
Sun Jul 25 11:42:54 UTC 2021

A good collection of data re mortality morbidity numbers caused by
covid-19, mainly for Sweden but with comments about other places.
In Swedish but you are grownups who know how to use Google translate.

Swedish statistics are if anything overzealous. Basically anyone who has
been infected with covid-19 and died within 30 days are included. Since we
have good control of who's who, those numbers are as good as any statistics
are ever going to be.
However some are only included in the excess mortality numbers, mainly when
there are more than 30 days and a discharge from hospital between infection
and death.

Anyhow, mortality figures between 0.004% for younger than 34 years and >28%
for older than 85 years. That adds up to a mortality of 0.5-1% depending on
age cutoffs in the calculations.
That is rather significant....

Looks like reinfections is quite likely but all figures go down to
influenza levels with mortality projections of about 0.039% on population
levels.  (This is not covered in this article btw)

Woe all unprotected tribes in the shingles and islands, yet another way to

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