[ExI] What sf/fantasy series are on your "try to watch fairly soon/someday" list?

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>> My own list... And it only gets longer and longer with the passage of time! Lol
>> The Mandalorian (I only saw the first two great fantastic episodes, but will soon remedy that...)
>> Stargirl (I saw the first episode which looked great)
>> Supergirl (I saw the first several very good seasons)
>> The Expanse (I only saw the first excellent season. I must finish it!)
>> Black Mirror (I have only seen a handful of episodes, the series scares me)
>> Humans (I want to see either the European original or the American reboot)
>> Agents of Shield (I was not overly impressed with the first season, but people have told me to give it a chance)
>> Doctor Who (I need to start watching it again. I have not seen the female doctor yet)
>> West World (I liked the first season but heard it went downhill)
>> Legion (I loved this crazy series about the son of Professor X. I need to see the final season)
>> Star Trek Discovery (I very much enjoyed the first season, but have not watched further)
>> The Orville (I've only seen two episodes but really enjoyed it)
>> Lost Girl (A pg sexy series I enjoyed but never finished)
>> Walking Dead (I saw perhaps the first five seasons which were excellent)
>> Continuum (I only saw the first episode, but the concept seemed fascinating and it was well reviewed)
>> Person of Interest (I loved this series but never saw the series finale!)
>> Killjoys (I only saw one episode, but it looked fun and smarter than I would have expected)
>> Dark Matter (A cool sf concept and good ratings. I never saw it)
>> Travelers (I have never seen it, but the premise is fascinating)
>> Misfits (A British series about people gaining powers which is supposed to be good)
>> The Man in the High Castle (I was so excited about this series, but only saw the pilot and the series finale!  Lol)
>> Undone (I have heard so many good things about this unusual fantasy series. I must watch it)
>> Ascension (A generation ship! I only saw the first episode, but the premise is great.)
>> Titans (I loved the comic, and supposedly they do a decent job despite a limited tv budget)
>> Dark (A German masterpiece of the macabre from what I hear)
>> Final Space (A sf animated comedy that sounds cool)
>> Impulse (Teleportation powers via the Jumper book series)
>> Star Trek Short Treks (Not the best reviews but I am curious)
>> Star Trek Lower Decks (Animated fun. I enjoyed the one episode I saw)
>> For All Mankind (From the lead producer of DS9 and BSG! I will definitely get around to watching it)
>> Star Trek Enterprise (I got quickly tired of it,but friends told me the final two seasons were actually great)
>> Falling Skies (I really enjoyed the first season and want to finish it)
>> Blake's 7 (A sf classic that I need to finish. I really enjoyed the first episode)
>> Colony (An interesting concept of an Earth under alien occupation. I never watched it)
>> Devs (I keep on hearing how brilliant this show is, and so I must find out for myself)
>> Lovecraft Country (I saw the terrific first episode. I need to finish this series!)
>> Lucifer (The first two seasons were excellent. I must finish it)
>> Tales From The Loop (The inspiration for this series is what fascinates me! I gotta watch it soon. The reviews were good)
>> Space Force (I loved the first episode and need to finish it. A terrific cast)
>> Avenue Five (Hugh Laurie as the captain of a cruise ship in space! Lol I gotta see it!)
>> Wandavision (The first episode was wacky like I Love Lucy, but I've been told the series only grows from there)
>> Doom Patrol (I loved the first season and need to finish it)
>> The Witcher (The first season had potential, but the show built around the terrific lead is weak)
>> The Dark Crystal (I've been saving this series as if it's a piece of prized chocolate)
>> Kingdom (Korean historical horror with zombies!)
>> The Umbrella Academy (I saw the first episode and was very impressed. I need to finish it!)
>> The Order (Harry Potter with more of an edge, from what I have read)
>> The Magicians (I never read the books, which I hear makes watching the fun series easier)
>> Deadly Class (I enjoy the premise of a crime school for the pre-eminent crime families of the world)
>> The Passage (I love "secret gov't facility for genetically engineered mutants" types of shows)
>> Legends of Tomorrow (I got a kick out of the first season. And I've heard it evolved well over the following ones)
>> Black Lightning (It looks like fun and is well done. I need to watch it)
>> Nightflyers (Mixed reviews but I did like the old eighties film based on a George R.R. Martin story)
>> American Gods (I loved the novel and the first season of the show. But I've heard it had quality problems later on)
>> Jessica Jones (I only saw the first two episodes, but it was excellent)
>> Better Than Us (A Russian series about androids in the near future that sounds very good and different, not the usual rise of the machines stuff)
>> Adventure Time (I need to watch the final season of this much beloved series!)
>> Agent Carter (I only saw the first few episodes, but it was great and it deserved several seasons)
>> Ash versus the Evil Dead (Crazy over the top fun and I loved the  first season, but found the second perhaps too gory)
>> The Flash (I loved the first three seasons and need to catch up)
>> Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories (How did I miss hearing about this series? Wow... I got to hear him speak in Arizona and was so touched by his humanity and storytelling abilities)
>> iZombie (I really enjoyed the first two seasons and need to finish this series with such a great cast. The main villain has a background of having been an abusive Dungeons & Dragons Dungeonmaster as a teenager, which I find hilarious)
>> Gotham (very well done but I never finished it)
>> The Strain (Very scary vampires and I need to watch the final season)
>> Outlander (I know the author, but still have not read the excellent books or seen the wonderful tv adaptation)
>> Altered Carbon (I have seen a few episodes, but did not feel drawn to it)
>> Mr. Robot (a terrific series that I need to finish. I only saw the first three excellent episodes)
>> Luke Cage (I saw the first few episodes and the fight scenes were terrific)
>> Warrior Nun (The name alone drew my interest! Lol It supposedly is a fun fantasy actioner)
>> Farscape (I have only seen one episode. The muppet aliens make the show hard for me to take seriously. Also, the villain looks like a male bondage dominatrix)
>> Haven (I'm just enough of a Stephen King fan to want to watch this supposedly very good series)
>> Jeremiah (I like the premise but have only seen a few episodes. The man behind Babylon 5 did this show)
>> Orphan Black (I keep on hearing about what a brilliant show it is and that the lead actress is just amazing as she plays the various clones)
>> It is almost overwhelming, in terms of the number of shows that come out. I'm just not a television watcher like I was when I was younger. I find it interesting how some series can still utterly grab me, such as Invincible, Game of Thrones, The Boys, Stranger Things, Love, Death and Robots, Star Trek: Picard, Helix, Chuck, Eureka, Raised by Wolves, Dead Like Me, Blood of Zeus, What We Do in the Shadows, and a number of others.
>> I look forward to seeing your lists...
> More my response to your list than my own:
> Highly recommend the Misfits series and Undone. Both are incredible.
> Ascension: saw an episode or two and might finish it, but it hasn't drawn me in.
> Blake's 7: want to see.
> Dark Matter: very by the book. Didn't watch past a few episodes.
> Dark Mirror: want to see as well.
> Farscape: well, watched the whole series. It's silly and goes
> overboard often. Pure space opera.
> iZombie... eh.
> The Man in the High Castle: big problem is I read the book. I watched
> the whole series nonetheless. So so. It's kind of what happens when
> you take a literary great and try to adapt it. Often you end up with,
> well, this.
> Mr. Robot, first episode great then it went downhill. Still good, but
> not enough for me to watch season two.
> Nightflyers was silly, IMO, but I watched to the end?.:)
> When you said Kingdom, I was reminded of the Danish TV series Riget,
> which I highly recommend. No, it's not about zombies -- or not
> completely, so not a close relation to the Korean series. (A closer
> relation to the awful US series. Don't compare them. A friend of mine
> saw the US version first and told me when I showed him a few episodes
> of the Danish original that the Danish version was ten times better.)
> Biggest disappointment, since I read all the books (or drooled over
> the artwork:), was Tales from the Loop. I watched the whole run, but
> it was poorly written and not well thought out. The only thing they
> seemed to have done was keep the backdrop (retrofuturist robots and
> tech) and tried to channel the melancholy.
> I'd also recommend Electric Dreams. Uneven adaptation of some PKD
> stories. And The Omega Factor. I saw the latter on DVD a few years
> ago. It's like a Scottish version of Fringe (if you don't know Fringe,
> you should), but from the 1970s. Sadly, it only ran one season.
> Regards,
> Dan
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Great list(s). Thanks.

Two shows not mentioned, both of which I liked:

Counterpart. (One of my favorite sci-fi shows ever. Canceled after two 

FlashForward. (Based loosely on the book.)


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