[ExI] What sf/fantasy series are on your "try to watch fairly soon/someday" list?

Anton Sherwood bronto at pobox.com
Thu Jun 3 00:18:32 UTC 2021

On 2021-6-02 15:30, Ben Zaiboc wrote:
 > Dark Matter: Excellent, but for one detail. What Killjoys tries to be
 > but miserably fails. The detail: they cancelled it, which annoys me
 > immensely. Don't start watching it if you will be bothered that you
 > never get to see it wrap up the various storylines.

Cancellation after three seasons is no excuse for never looking into the 
murder of [spoiler] at the end of the first!

 > The Magicians: Don't bother. Tries to be an 'adult' Harry Potter,
 > and fails miserably on both counts.

I describe it as "Hogwarts meets Narnia, not for children," but that's 
very loose.  The school is a home base through most of the series, but 
we rarely see classrooms after the first season.

I bought the Bluray so you don't have to.  I keep meaning to start a log 
of questions, most beginning with "When did", to answer in a rewatch.

 > Altered Carbon: I enjoyed it. Not everyone's cup of tea, though,
 > and tries a bit too much to be Bladerunner, stylistically.
I quite liked Poe (the AI hotel manager).  How's the second season?

 > Farscape: Classic.

Is there a way to watch it short of buying discs?
Netflix no longer offers season two.

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