[ExI] What sf/fantasy series are on your "try to watch fairly soon/someday" list?

Ben ben at zaiboc.net
Wed Jun 2 22:30:54 UTC 2021

On 02/06/2021 19:08, John Grigg wrote:
> My own list... And it only gets longer and longer with the passage of 
> time! Lol

I have nothing to add to that list, and might even try to watch some 
things on it, but here are some of my observations on your list:

Humans: Can't say anything about the american series, but the british 
one is quite good. The original swedish one is the best, but not 
available with english dialogue or even subtitles, unfortunately. 
Swedish or German only.

Doctor Who: The latest doctor caused me to stop watching this. Not 
because she's female, but because the writers have turned it into a 
propaganda vehicle. The villains are white middle-aged men, the heroes 
are relentlessly black/gay/female, you get the idea. Plus Jodie 
Whittaker can't really act. Apart from that, many doctors are very good, 
some are ok, a few are dreadful. The series has had many ups and downs 
over the years (or decades, I should say), but the more recent set have 
been about the best, apart from the aforementioned, which seems to be 
taking it back to the farcical Sylvester McCoy days, but worse, because 
it takes itself seriously.

Westworld: Recommended. Well-done, thought-provoking.

Killjoys: Rubbish. Bad acting, bad plots, I watched about three episodes 
then couldn't be bothered with it any more.

Dark Matter: Excellent, but for one detail. What Killjoys tries to be 
but miserably fails. The detail: they cancelled it, which annoys me 
immensely. Don't start watching it if you will be bothered that you 
never get to see it wrap up the various storylines.

The Witcher: Not sf. Fantasy. Ok if that's your thing.

The Magicians: Don't bother. Tries to be an 'adult' Harry Potter, and 
fails miserably on both counts.

Altered Carbon: I enjoyed it. Not everyone's cup of tea, though, and 
tries a bit too much to be Bladerunner, stylistically.

Farscape: Classic.

Agents of Shield: For Marvel fans only, I think.

No need to say anything about Blakes 7, Enterprise, Babylon 5, etc.


Not sf, but I enjoyed Black Sails immensely. Very good blending of 
history and Robert Louis Stevenson, even though it sometimes takes 
liberties with both. I recommend it if you have a liking for Pirate stories.

The most recent Lost in Space (with Toby Stevens, who plays Capt. Flint 
in Black Sails) is quite good. Again, a nice re-imagining of the 
original, with a good twist on Dr Smith.


Ben Zaiboc

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