[ExI] What sf/fantasy series are on your "try to watch fairly soon/someday" list?

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I was touched that my post got the response that it did. I have seen the
over the top Danish series, Kingdom, which was fun. I did faithfully watch
"Fringe" and consider it a classic. Electric Dreams was an intriguing
anthology show, and I saw the episodes which sounded appealing, I read
about the plots in Wikipedia, as I often do to get a feel for a tv series.
I only saw a handful of Alias episodes, but remember how it was such a
hugely popular series at the time. I mainly just recall Jennifer Garner
beating people up all the time! Lol As for Star Trek, I had friends tell me
that the Enterprise series actually gets very good in the final two
seasons. I've heard they even re-introduced the Gorns!

I was a fan of the Buck Rogers tv series, and got to meet Gil Gerard at a
science fiction convention. The man is highly intelligent and has a PhD in
petroleum engineering! But finally he could stand it no more, and he left
that kind of work to follow his dream and pursue acting. After a few years
driving a taxi, he broke into tv commercials and built up an acting career
from that starting point. Yes, I would love to have a robot sidekick like
Twiki! Lol

*"Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea*" is a series I had never heard of
before, and I pride myself on my pop culture tv and film awareness! Lol I
very much admire the French talent for mature animated science
fiction/fantasy films. I will have to look it up.

Since I now live in the Philippines... I present Darna!!!


John  :  )

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> Counterpart. (One of my favorite sci-fi shows ever. Canceled after two
> seasons.)
> FlashForward. (Based loosely on the book.)
> Brian
> Great to see such robust discussion of sci-fi!
> I, too, enjoyed *Counterpart* and *FlashForward* (I want to read the
> book). I loved *Dark* (dubbed from German but so effectively that it’s
> easy to forget, and it has a great soundtrack), *Continuum*, and
> *Travelers*. *Dark Matter* I enjoyed both conceptually and because it had
> several cast members from my beloved *Stargate* and *Stargate: Atlantis*.
> *Colony* was pretty good. I’m not a big history fan and thus didn’t
> expect to enjoy *Outlander* as a series, but I’ve ended up really liking
> it. *The Orville* is a great love letter to *Star Trek*.
> I grew up on *Star Trek*. I cherish the original, TNG, DS9, and VOY; I
> watched *Enterprise* but found it derivative in its constant attempts to
> retroactively explain, e.g., the Borg, the smooth-headed Klingons, the Khan
> supermen. I watched *Picard* but didn’t care for it (yeah, I know I’m in
> the minority there). I haven’t seen any of *Discovery* other than the
> first half of the pilot that aired on network before CBS All Access became
> the only portal—but I didn’t like it so much. Haven’t seen any of the newer
> shows in the franchise.
> *Fringe* is easily one of the best series I’ve ever seen (sort of like *The
> X-Files* meets *The Twilight Zone *and any basic crime procedural).
> Also loved *Alias.* The Rambaldi mythology resonated with me and helped
> foster my interest in life extension. Basically, Milo Rambaldi was
> Nostradamus + da Vinci and had genius-level knowledge, developing advanced
> technology and revolutionary medicines centuries ahead of his time, as well
> as prophesying about modern times and the show's protagonist, an
> intelligence community double agent played by Jennifer Garner. The first
> two seasons are the best, and some gems are in the rest. Worth watching for
> me also because of the stellar Lena Olin and Victor Garber.
> *Battlestar Galactica* (the remake) was good, too.
> Apple's *For All Mankind* is excellent—I just finished the second season
> and enjoyed the show much more than I thought I would from reading the
> premise.
> *Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles *was fun. I like how that
> franchise can keep reenvisioning its premise.
> I also admit to periodically watching *Buck Rogers* (just to hear Twiki's
> one-liners) and *Space 1999* (if only for the dramatic quarter-turn that
> Barbara Bain does in the opening credits).
> As a kid, I really liked the animated French show *Spartakus and the Sun
> Beneath the Sea*. In brief: After a great cataclysm, a city of advanced
> humans plummets to deep in Earth’s strata. They have advanced technology
> but later forget their origins, believing the surface to have been
> destroyed. They evolve physically but forget how some of their technology
> works. Their artificial sun begins to fail, and they create a human
> representative to travel through the strata (apparently entire worlds can
> exist in them) looking for help to fix their sun.
> I'm sure I'm forgetting some.
> Gabe
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