[ExI] Preference for video over text?

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> Why do so many people have a preference for video over text? Is it slow
> reading speed, laziness?

It can be considered a form of laziness.  It's not so much a slower reading
speed, as less ability to glean information from text in the first place -
they don't "read", or (to be specific) gain information from text, in quite
the way that you (and I) do.

Is it due to my “learning style” that I have a preference for text?

That is an accurate enough way of putting it.

> And/or why does it seem like everyone prefers video to text?

Because it's so common, that your intuition may confuse "the large number
of people that you experience a difference with" (your intuition is not
noticing those who, like you, prefer text since there is no problem there)
with "literally everyone".
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