[ExI] Preference for video over text?

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Sun Jun 6 16:48:26 UTC 2021

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> Why do so many people have a preference for video over text? Is it slow reading speed, laziness?
> I can read much faster than a video can present, I can scan the text, I can easily copy-paste quotes from text. I don’t have to fight with accents and poor pronunciation.
> Is it due to my “learning style” that I have a preference for text? And/or why does it seem like everyone prefers video to text?
> SR Ballard
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Companies prefer video because of marketing and adverts. Getting the
brand images in front of eyeballs.
With funny cats and people falling over - attention grabbing, so
people remember the brand.
They can also stream dubious information which flashes past before you
have time to consider whether it is actually correct or not. But it
still affects your later opinions.

In a 'push' system the public gets what the companies want to deliver.
It takes much more effort for people to seek out their own sources of



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