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Gabe Waggoner lostmyelectron at protonmail.com
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> Has anyone else had problems logging in to the new site? Ever since this morning I've been getting a vanishingly brief error message saying "something went wrong" and then Tor redirects to the Onion login site. I've tried generating a new identity and a new circuit, as well as the standard restart Mac/restart Tor approach (both of which are as updated as they can be).
> For months I've had issues trying to use the Onion site on Tor. I'd often get the "too many login attempts" error, which sometimes would resolve after a few tries and sometimes would not. But I could always access the beta site. The beta site is what has now become the new site, n'est-ce pas ? ProtonMail support suggests that I try deactivating Proton VPN Plus, but I'm reluctant because doing so defeats the purpose of having a VPN. (Getting meta, it reminds me of The Onion satire newspaper, which once had a headline along the lines of "ACLU defends right of terrorists to bomb ACLU headquarters." So I have to turn off Proton's VPN to keep using ProtonMail in a more secure fashion?)
> I second ExiMod's statement about supporting ProtonMail through paid services. I used the free version for a month and then upgraded to Proton Plus for about a year and a half. Last month I went up to Professional, which I've enjoyed tremendously (notably the priority response from support).

ProtonMail update: Success! I've been corresponding more with the support folks, who asked me to go into the Tor browser's Privacy and Security settings and then disable the option to prioritize .onion sites when known. Once I did that, everything worked great. If it hadn't, the next step would have been to change to a different ProtonVPN server and then if that didn't work to disconnect the VPN. But now we're firing on all thrusters—good times. The new interface is sleek. So I was having Tor browser–specific setting issues, something most people wouldn't experience.

Wishing everyone a great weekend,

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