[ExI] Inside of world's largest airship revealed in stunning images

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Airships not for use in Oklahoma.  I was there once, driving a raised roof
van.  I saw warnings on the highway for high winds and soon experienced
them.  I had to fight the wind all the way through that state.  That van
had too much surface area.  The wind would have blown an airship into
ARkansas.   bill w

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> >…The firm thinks the vehicle, which is expected to enter service by 2025,
> will soon challenge conventional jets on a number of popular short-haul
> routes, thanks to its improved comfort and 90% lower emissions."
> https://www.livescience.com/airlander-10-airship-interior-unveiled.html
> I can think of plenty of uses for such a ride.  Conventional jets are
> fast, but cruise ships still get plenty of business, and those things are
> slow.  So… find a way to make it appealing, such as a means of doing your
> homework comfortably on the way down to the Phoenix office from LA or SF
> for instance.  Covid has taught us to do a lot of our work at home.  So now
> if it takes a full day to get to Phoenix, but it isn’t that different from
> a normal office day, that might sell.
> spike
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