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> Ransomware and high-profile incidents like the Solarwinds hack are bringing sufficient attention to the need for security improvements that even managers can't ignore it.
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It's not just companies and managers involved.
Personal computers are being hacked as well. Emptying personal bank
accounts are not as newsworthy but provide a steady (less risky)
income for crooks. Individuals are less security conscious than

This Shockingly Invasive Malware Stole Data from 3.25 Million Windows Computers

The 1.2 terabytes of data include cookies, millions of email and
social login credentials, and personalized IDs to identify specific
compromised devices.
Lucas Ropek  June 11, 2021

As to the stolen data, it’s pretty overwhelming. The compromised login
information includes 1,471,416 Facebook credentials; 261,773 Twitter
credentials; 145,436 PayPal credentials; 87,282 Dropbox credentials;
1,540,650 Google account credentials, and so on. Other compromised
accounts include Coinbase, Blockchain, Outlook, Skype, Netflix...you
get the picture.


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