[ExI] heart report - FYI; book review

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 13 14:23:00 UTC 2021

I'm very glad that you are still with us, and with a functioning heart...

I will have to track that sf novel down. You are the second person to have
recommended it to me.

And I would recommend this rise of the machines tale... I would give it a 4
out of a possible 5 stars... If it is ever made into a film, I hope they
keep the scene where several hundred "nude" sexbots are activated and sent
on a rampage to allow the protagonist to escape! Lol



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> ejection rate last summer = 32 (below 40 heart failure).  Rate yesterday =
> 45 (40-50 borderline.  Normal 50-70.
> So, an excellent result - maybe Entresto and statins really work.  Looks
> as though I'll be around awhile.
> Book - The Humans; Matt Haig - very funny in places; good satire; a man
> solves the Riemann hypothesis and aliens are worried, so one comes down,
> kills the mathematician and inhabits his body to destroy any evidence, and
> learn about humans.  Definitely worth reading 4.5/5
> bill w
> bill w
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