[ExI] dementia

Ben ben at zaiboc.net
Mon Jun 14 17:16:53 UTC 2021

On 14/06/2021 00:52, bill w wrote:
> Do we really want that?  People like me?  I have been retired now for 
> 24 years and have contributed basically nothing to society.  Do we 
> really want a lot of elderly people who live 50, 60 years beyond 
> retirement?  bill w

Absolutely, we do.

People like you, and spike, and everyone else.

But no, we don't want a lot of elderly people who only live 50, 60 years 
beyond retirement. We want a lot of ancient people who live 500, 600 and 
more years beyond when they would have worn out and died if nature was 
left to her cruel and arbitrary ways. We want those people to live 
healthier, fuller, wiser, more active, vigorous and just overall better 
lives than anyone alive now. We want people who can decide for 
themselves when, and if, to die, after they've contributed all they want 
to society and history.

That's certainly what I want, anyway.

Ben Zaiboc

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