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> Radioactivity comes from things that happen in the nucleus.  The nucleus doesn’t know or care what the electrons are doing, which is all just lowly chemistry.  The nucleus does what it does, regardless if the atom is gaseous, liquid or frozen solid, in its pure state, ionized, dissolved in solution or in a compound with something else.
> Most radioactive matter is frozen.  It decays just the same.
> spike
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I think you need to rephrase / clarify that statement.
Most industrial use radioactive matter is not frozen.
Radioactivity generates heat.
See: <https://www.energy.gov/science/doe-explainsradioactivity>
Without heat from naturally occurring radioactivity, the Earth’s core
would have frozen billions of years ago.

(And I suspect there is probably quite a lot of naturally occurring
radioactive matter in the earth's core).


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