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> Lots of proles put boats, campers back there along with old cars (which
> they dreamed of restoring someday (but we know that for most of us, someday
> never comes.))

This reminds me of some science fiction I once wrote, about a futuristic
spacecraft (the Wasp class) that could be seen as a minimal space camper:

> On some worlds, the iconic image of a hick mechanic is one who has bought
a disabled Wasp and intends to fix it up, but never gets around to actually
doing so (or neither has nor will learn the skill to fix it), resulting in
a rusting hulk outside the would-be mechanic's dwelling.  Those
particularly inept at learning from their mistakes may buy another,
resulting in two rusting hulks - which will often be explained as something
to cannibalize parts from.  Fortunately, this being an iconic image, if the
hapless soul has any friends, said friends will know to intervene before a
third hulk is purchased.  (On any planet in the Empire, anyone attempting
to do this is preparing for an illegal act - Wasps not being officially
spaceworthy even when repaired - so the hulk will usually be confiscated
and torn to scrap before it has a chance to rust.)
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