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> Result: before I agreed to buy one 14 yrs ago, I made dang sure I would use it.  My camper is on its third set of tires, 4th set of vent covers, has 436 camping nights in it and has traveled 84000 miles.  So… we get our money’s worth out of that camper.  But many, if not most RVs are almost a total waste.
> Now Billw of course can get revenge on me for all the trash I gave that lad for reading a book about… cod.  (About cod!  (oh mercy, cod he reads books about.)) Well, cod just don’t interest me much.  But about those little rubber whiskers on tires he waxes eloquent.  Those are more fascinating to me than the real purpose for which a lotta Lockheed people really used those RVs.  Tragic.
> spike
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Spike now has a slightly worried look. He has just noticed that after
reading that Lockheed post his bride is now looking out the front
window at the RV parked outside, then back at him, then back at the
RV. It is the speculative look on her face that worries him. She
speaks - "Are you busy at the moment, dear?"
A flash of panic, then Spike starts typing furiously. "Actually, I am
rather busy at present, my little tangerine. Why don't you make a cup
of tea?"
For some strange reason she seems to be slightly disappointed. "For
you as well?" as she went to the kitchen.


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