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>…Spike, you are just too smart…


You are too kind, sir.


>… You knew I was going to come at you about the tires after I suffered world class humiliation about reading a book about cod…


Well Billw, when one does things like that, reads those kinds of books, one risks consequences!  


I am surprised you weren’t right there with the inflammatory ridicule.  I had it coming.  I deserved it, after making up stories about fellow prisoners punishing you by checking out everything from the library except the one book on… cod.


You know whoever wrote that book did it as a joke, just to see if anyone would actually read it.  Perhaps he was making a run at the title for the world’s most boring person, possibly trying for an Olympic record in open-class boring.


Alternate theory: if one knows enough about something, I suppose anything can become interesting, even used tires and cod.


Well OK, retract, the cod thing is just a bridge too far.  But I find old tires interesting.  Keep in mind that I am on the team for the Olympic boring team.




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