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> In 2016, a group of scientists suggested that bio-engineering could
> produce humans who are allergic to beef:
> https://twitter.com/i/status/1407258675358715907

My daughter has the "beef allergy", AKA alpha gal syndrome, and it's
nothing to play with or joke about. It's not a beef allergy, its an allergy
to all mammal* meat, and in more severe cases, all mammals and mammal
products. My daughter can't eat any dairy products, take meds in gelatin
capsules, be around meat on a grill, be in close contact with cats and
dogs, etc. She's had anaphylaxis multiple times and carries an epi pen.

Now, surely, the climate mad scientists could tone it down in their gene
edits, but what about the PETA mad scientists? They'd prefer to kill all
animal abusers immediately.

If these scientists manage to insert the DNA from the pathogen in the Lone
> Star tick which causes bovine protein intolerance,

Actually it's a sugar: galactose-alpha-1,3-galactose, AKA alpha gal. PETA
kooks could poison saline or insulin or any injectable substance with tiny
amounts of alpha gal--think how much is in the tick saliva injected by a
tick bite--and cause a huge spike in alpha gal syndrome. Luckily not
everyone exposed to alpha gal becomes allergic to it.

they could perhaps create a virus which is otherwise harmless but causes
> the infected person to become unable to devour beef.  Then they could
> “accidentally” release it, the virus or pathogen spreads around the globe,
> demand for beef falls to nearly nothing, most of the herds around the world
> could be slaughtered, greatly reducing emissions of methane, saving the
> planet from what our government is telling us is the greatest threat:
> global warming.
> Of course not all of us accept the notion that global warming is the
> greatest threat to the planet.

Not only that, but not all of us accept that the impact of meat production
on the climate is significant, or, if it is, that it's necessarily so.

*alpha gal is in all mammals except monkeys and apes

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