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In 2016, a group of scientists suggested that bio-engineering could produce humans who are allergic to beef:




>…My daughter has the "beef allergy", AKA alpha gal syndrome, and it's nothing to play with or joke about. It's not a beef allergy, its an allergy to all mammal* meat, and in more severe cases, all mammals and mammal products. My daughter can't eat any dairy products, take meds in gelatin capsules, be around meat on a grill, be in close contact with cats and dogs, etc. She's had anaphylaxis multiple times and carries an epi pen…-Dave





Owww, dang Dave sorry to hear that.


I offered the link because it was so shocking to see what an actual mad scientist looks like: just like any other scientist.  At a conference about reducing human footprint on the planet, he sat there primly and casually suggesting we could create humans allergic to meat. 


Dave may the scientists who figured out how to defeat covid find a way to defeat alpha gal syndrome.








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