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On 2021-6-24 08:45, spike jones via extropy-chat wrote:
> I initially gave the local sign painter a 67% accuracy rating for 
> having six of the nine letters oriented correctly.

IF the maximum score for each letter is 3 minus the number of ways it could
be reflected or rotated (half a turn) without changing:
	          N O  P A R K I N G
	possible  2 0  3 2 3 2 0 2 3 = 17
	actual    0 0  3 2 3 2 0 0 0 = 10

I once found a worker pressing letters into a new sidewalk.
Had I not happened by, it might still read THOAMS.

*\\*  Anton Sherwood  *\\*  www.bendwavy.org

Anton, years ago I picked up an odd speech habit of using the term "way" to
mean "extremely."  One can suppose it is an old guy who substitutes "way"
for "fucking" which is the preferred modifier adverb in our rap-influenced

The parking lot at the local school wanted to indicate to a driver that she
was travelling opposite to the intended traffic direction.  Said errant
driver would encounter the second word first, then the first word second.
So... they switched the words, but both words are simultaneously visible, so
the parking lot announces "WAY WRONG."

One could reasonably argue that the new meaning would apply to those
travelling against the prevailing traffic direction, but just the same in my
opinion, it is fucking wrong.

It isn't working Anton: I can't get my head away from that Miami building
collapse.  So disturbing.  I have many friends and family, people I care
about, in Florida.  We know the risk of sinkholes, which I suspect is what
caused this building to fall (without further knowledge of the circumstances
it feels like the most likely explanation.)


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