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One can suppose it is an old guy who substitutes "way"
for "fucking" which is the preferred modifier adverb in our rap-influenced
times.   I hope it gets worn out so that it comes to be of little appeal as
But you know, we did it:  we thought smoking and drinking and cussing and
bragging about our pitiful sex life were the signs of a mature person.
When I
was 15 I thought that being 21 was the be-all, end-all state of being an
adult.  Then I got
 to be 21 and thought:  this is it?  Maturity.? I don't think so.  As far
as I am
concerned I still have work to do regarding maturity.  bill w

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> > I initially gave the local sign painter a 67% accuracy rating for
> > having six of the nine letters oriented correctly.
> IF the maximum score for each letter is 3 minus the number of ways it could
> be reflected or rotated (half a turn) without changing:
>                   N O  P A R K I N G
>         possible  2 0  3 2 3 2 0 2 3 = 17
>         actual    0 0  3 2 3 2 0 0 0 = 10
> I once found a worker pressing letters into a new sidewalk.
> Had I not happened by, it might still read THOAMS.
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> Anton, years ago I picked up an odd speech habit of using the term "way" to
> mean "extremely."  One can suppose it is an old guy who substitutes "way"
> for "fucking" which is the preferred modifier adverb in our rap-influenced
> times.
> The parking lot at the local school wanted to indicate to a driver that she
> was travelling opposite to the intended traffic direction.  Said errant
> driver would encounter the second word first, then the first word second.
> So... they switched the words, but both words are simultaneously visible,
> so
> the parking lot announces "WAY WRONG."
> One could reasonably argue that the new meaning would apply to those
> travelling against the prevailing traffic direction, but just the same in
> my
> opinion, it is fucking wrong.
> It isn't working Anton: I can't get my head away from that Miami building
> collapse.  So disturbing.  I have many friends and family, people I care
> about, in Florida.  We know the risk of sinkholes, which I suspect is what
> caused this building to fall (without further knowledge of the
> circumstances
> it feels like the most likely explanation.)
> spike
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