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>>…One can suppose it is an old guy who substitutes "way"
for "fucking" which is the preferred modifier adverb in our rap-influenced



>…I hope it gets worn out so that it comes to be of little appeal as 'darn'…


Little appeal as darn?  I use darn and durn a lot.  Granted I am worn out, certainly my manners are: very retro, intentionally.  The people I regard as well-mannered humans are nearly all at least 20 years my senior.  Fun counterexample: Anders Sandberg.  Such a gentleman, 10 yrs my junior.


>…  As far as I am concerned I still have work to do regarding maturity.  bill w


As do we all, sir.


I am surprised ExI didn’t erupt with chatter and speculation about that Miami building collapse.  I understand we don’t have all the facts, almost none so far.  But I consider one of the scenarios more plausible than the alternatives: a sinkhole dropped a major support pylon which triggered a chain-reaction collapse.  There are reasons to doubt however: A building is usually designed to handle having one support fail.  I cannot wrap my head around the notion that a structure like that has multiple single-point failure modes.


The debris pile in a few of the early photos doesn’t look tall enough, which suggests to me that most of the debris is in the ground.  Ideas?




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