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Several of the reports cited objects that moved with the sensor: the amount
of time it took the sensor to turn 45 degrees was the amount of time the
object took to appear to traverse the corresponding distance at range.

This suggests a sensor glitch in those cases.  Truly distant objects, no
matter their origin or means of propulsion (if any), tend not to be so
tightly tethered to whatever happens to be observing them.

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> No ET, no answers: Intel report is inconclusive about UFOs
> By NOMAAN MERCHANT   AP Published 25 June 2021
> <
> https://apnews.com/article/technology-government-and-politics-f5f24502d97072fd4bef34b6fe36c81d
> >
> Quote:
> Investigators did not find extraterrestrial links in reviewing 144
> sightings of aircraft or other devices apparently flying at mysterious
> speeds or trajectories. But they drew few other conclusions and
> instead highlighted the need for better data collection about what’s
> increasingly seen by Democrats and Republicans as a national security
> concern. In all but one of the sightings investigated, there was too
> little information for investigators to even broadly characterize the
> nature of the incident.
> ----------------
> So they complain about too little data to draw any conclusions.
> It is very annoying that these UFOs just keep disappearing.
> Why can't one land and say 'Take me to your leader'?
> BillK
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