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>…Maybe she just noticed the swimming pool empty because she didn't have line of sight to see what was happening to the lower floors of the building she was in?  spike



Adrian help me make sense of this photo pls:





The woman who was on the phone told her husband that the pool deck had caved in:



We can see the pool deck has dropped down looks like a good coupla meters and I can see the pool is empty, but I don’t see water over the dropped pool deck.


What does that tell us?  Where did the pool water go?  Usually a sinkhole is an underground cave filled with water, but this one didn’t have water down there.  I can’t figure out why because the sea level is only a few ft below that bottom floor.  Where I cheerfully squandered my tragically misspent childhood, a young miscreant could not dig a hole deeper than about 5 ft before hitting mud.  Another ft below that, the hole would fill with water as fast as she could haul it out.


I don’t understand how there could have been a big dry underground cave, but the initial photos suggested it: 12 stories of debris would make a taller pile than it looks like, unless a good portion of the debris is currently below the surrounding ground level.


Imagine the psychological impact for anyone, particularly Floridians, who live or work in high rise buildings.  Every time they hear a creak or pop, they will hafta wonder if their time on this mortal coil is drawing to an abrupt close within seconds.  That would hafta break one’s concentration.



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