[ExI] uncommon lols

Ben ben at zaiboc.net
Wed Jun 30 17:27:12 UTC 2021

On 30/06/2021 14:54, Spike wrote:
> We all need more laughter in our lives.  Of all beasts, I know of no 
> other species that does that, and just think about how much of a waste 
> that is.

I dunno. I reckon there are beasts that laugh. Chimps seem to, and even 
vocalise in a similar way to humans. Certain birds, while they don't 
lol, definitely have fun. I swear that a pair of pigeons that frequent 
our back garden have a ball teasing our cats (they know the cats are 
lousy hunters and have no chance of sneaking up on them), and let the 
cats get so close, then casually flap up to the roof of a nearby cabin, 
then look down at the cats, laughing their beaks off.

Crows definitely have fun. I was cycling in the local park last summer 
and noticed a particular crow waiting for me by the side of the road, 
then taking off and racing me, a big crow grin on its face, then beating 
me and landing again, to wait for me to go past again. It was even 
looking at me sideways as it went past, as if it was saying "Beat you 
again!". I can think of no reason for it to keep doing this, except for 
sheer fun.

Oh, and some young mammals sqeak and squeal while they are playing. I'm 
sure that's laughter.

Ben Zaiboc

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