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Thanks Ben, I agree with all of that.  My favorite, and many others', is
otters - catch one fish, then play all day.  Of course they also look so
cute, floating supine eating their fish..

Maybe one day we will find out if a horse laugh really is a laugh.   bill w

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> On 30/06/2021 14:54, Spike wrote:
> We all need more laughter in our lives.  Of all beasts, I know of no other
> species that does that, and just think about how much of a waste that is.
> I dunno. I reckon there are beasts that laugh. Chimps seem to, and even
> vocalise in a similar way to humans. Certain birds, while they don't lol,
> definitely have fun. I swear that a pair of pigeons that frequent our back
> garden have a ball teasing our cats (they know the cats are lousy hunters
> and have no chance of sneaking up on them), and let the cats get so close,
> then casually flap up to the roof of a nearby cabin, then look down at the
> cats, laughing their beaks off.
> Crows definitely have fun. I was cycling in the local park last summer and
> noticed a particular crow waiting for me by the side of the road, then
> taking off and racing me, a big crow grin on its face, then beating me and
> landing again, to wait for me to go past again. It was even looking at me
> sideways as it went past, as if it was saying "Beat you again!". I can
> think of no reason for it to keep doing this, except for sheer fun.
> Oh, and some young mammals sqeak and squeal while they are playing. I'm
> sure that's laughter.
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