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> Yes, of course, but what of their vocalizations are actually laughter?   That would take brain studies.  bill w

I don’t think anyone’s saying this is the last word, though it looks like good evidence at this point that laughter isn’t peculiarly human.

Also, brain studies would simply add more here — presuming that the same neurological mechanisms underly laughter/play vocalizations in species that aren’t that closely related — like those of rodents and of birds. (Yeah, I’d guess that since primates and rodents have similar behaviors here that would mean this stuff likely is more basal (as opposed to independently evolved in different clades), so maybe there’s some very basic neural stuff shared between them that’d be easy to spot. A loose analogy: I wouldn’t to say only bats fly because eagles, butterflies, and pterodactyls use different muscles and different neurology to move about in the air.)



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>>> We all need more laughter in our lives.  Of all beasts, I know of no other species that does that, and just think about how much of a waste that is.
>> See http://www.bioacoustics.info/article/play-vocalizations-and-human-laughter-comparative-review
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