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>>…We all need more laughter in our lives.  Of all beasts, I know of no other species that does that, and just think about how much of a waste that is.



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>…I don’t think anyone’s saying this is the last word, though it looks like good evidence at this point that laughter isn’t peculiarly human.








Human laughter takes on so many different forms, I can’t think of anything which would be analogous to it in nature.


Perhaps beasts really do have a form of laughter which we cannot detect.  This brings up a rather disturbing thought…


What if… our dogs and cats really are laughing at us.  We can’t see it, but inside, they have contemptuous gales of derisive laughter.  Dogs don’t really act as if they do, but cats… one can never really tell with those aloof clawey bastards.  They might be laughing at us.













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