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William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 15:15:32 UTC 2021

"Let's punish the winners."

All across the country school systems are either closing down talented and
gifted programs or considering doing so.

Problem?  The wrong people are benefitting.  If this were a puzzle you'd
have the answer now, right?

The programs are racist.  That is the conclusion.  How did they get to that
conclusion?  Consequentialism.  By definition, according to this kind of
moral thinking, anything that results in racial imbalances is racist.  From
that perspective, they are right.  And for political reasons they are
closing programs that benefit Asians and whites (incidentally giving more
support to white supremacists).

These are smart people.  They know that no program of any kind will result
in racial balances - or gender balances, for that matter.  (Progressive -
"Oh, if only people were all the same."  other Progressive "But they are!")

We are in a politically correct age and there is nothing we can do about
it.  Or is there?

The gifted and talented will succeed anyway in all probability.  The only
real victims here are people who want our society to be run rationally.

bill w
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