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> Of course some career paths require a degree such as engineering or
> medicine. I have a hard time imagining a company hiring someone who claims
> to be a self-taught engineer or doctor. An autodidact engineer can of
> course be superior to a university educated counterpart, but such a
> situation is difficult to prove. Degrees at least guarantee some baseline
> level of competence for hiring managers to consider. That said, I still
> wish I would have forgone university as it has not been very beneficial to
> me.

If learning in university isn't that worthwhile, then just focus on getting
the degree ASAP.  Take extra credit courses during the summer.  Learn the
basics of certain things (such as algebra & calculus) online in a matter of
days, then use that to test out of prerequisite courses (being able to pass
the final exam without having taken the course, does convince some faculty
that there's no need for you to take the course), shaving entire academic
quarters or semesters off your schedule.

I got a BS in 3 years and a MS in 1 further year.  Having these degrees in
an engineering field (Computer Science in my case) was quite useful in my
early career, and continues to give me some useful cred these days.  Back
in the '90s, I pulled it off by my own prowess - but these days, such a
feat is more possible for most people.
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