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If I may stop and pick a nit:  such a feat is more possible for most
people   adrian
Now is 'possible' the same as 'probable'?  I think of possible as being of
two sorts:  possible and impossible and nothing in between, so you can't
get more or less possible the way you can get probable and improbable - a
dichotomy versus a continuous variable, that is.   bill w

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>> Of course some career paths require a degree such as engineering or
>> medicine. I have a hard time imagining a company hiring someone who claims
>> to be a self-taught engineer or doctor. An autodidact engineer can of
>> course be superior to a university educated counterpart, but such a
>> situation is difficult to prove. Degrees at least guarantee some baseline
>> level of competence for hiring managers to consider. That said, I still
>> wish I would have forgone university as it has not been very beneficial to
>> me.
> If learning in university isn't that worthwhile, then just focus on
> getting the degree ASAP.  Take extra credit courses during the summer.
> Learn the basics of certain things (such as algebra & calculus) online in a
> matter of days, then use that to test out of prerequisite courses (being
> able to pass the final exam without having taken the course, does convince
> some faculty that there's no need for you to take the course), shaving
> entire academic quarters or semesters off your schedule.
> I got a BS in 3 years and a MS in 1 further year.  Having these degrees in
> an engineering field (Computer Science in my case) was quite useful in my
> early career, and continues to give me some useful cred these days.  Back
> in the '90s, I pulled it off by my own prowess - but these days, such a
> feat is more possible for most people.
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