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William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 19:10:09 UTC 2021

Ah, Yes, the progressives who give liberals a bad name.
White men, indeed.  Indians, Arabs etc. - math, philosophy, etc.

Outrage is certainly among our most popular fads.  "Have a Happy Xmas"
would get you metaphorically strangled.  It has to be 'Merry' and so on.
And some would say "X stands for the unknown"  Doesn't this sort of thing
just make you want to tear your hair out?

Isn't it outrageously ironic that the people at the tops of our best
universities, are exhibiting such illogic, stereotyping, throwing the baby
out with the bath water, sucking up to their constituency with obvious
examples?  Now they have me questioning whether my dislike of scifi written
by black people is racism or just an objective judgment.  bah bah bah

Logic as a detriment does make sense if you assume that the questioner is
IQ-deprived.  Sorry I can't say that on Quora.
 bill w

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>> Adrian, are you sort of including selfishness here?  That is, if we could
>> empathize fully we would understand people better and do more sharing with
>> them?
> One could phrase it that way.  That would not include every definition of
> "selfishness" - I can easily imagine someone who telepathically understands
> ("empathizes with", for some definitions thereof) everyone else and yet
> still deliberately chooses to serve their own interests exclusively.
>> The question, if taken as Adrian suggests, makes no sense, since logic is
>> clearly an asset.
> No, no, it makes sense.  The answer is clearly "no", but the question
> makes sense: there exist people who go around criticizing things that, to
> the rest of us, are clearly assets.  They perceive some flaw that, to them,
> makes these things undesirable.  Usually these "flaws" are stylistic or
> aesthetic only, or confuse the origin of a thing for its present morality -
> such as those who claim that everything and anything that white men came up
> with, is poison because white men came up with it.
> In the case of logic, said people utterly ignore that people other than
> white men also came up with it, completely independently.  Their objective
> is to find things to be outraged at, not truly to improve the lives of
> those they claim to represent.  If they were truly looking to improve
> lives, they would look to use the resources at hand regardless of origin -
> much like we can make use of the results of Nazi medical research, even if
> we would never permit their experiments to be done again today.
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