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Perhaps everyone here has heard of what happened at the tragic Astroworld




>From the point of view of a medical experiment, this event really has it
all: huge crowd, no masks, in Texas which doesn't allow vaccination
mandates, good traceability, huge numbers of participants, and as an added
bonus, the participants are willing test subjects.


We debated long over whether outdoor events are super-spreaders of covid.  I
saw no convincing evidence they are super-spreaders.  Now we have a crowd
way more densely packed than a stadium event, so tightly packed that people
were being crushed to death.  They were raving, so that would be at least
the equivalent of cheering for the home team only moreso: raving should be
more spready than cheering, because one's own team only has the ball part of
the time, but the rap stars are up there the whole time.  Lots of
body-to-body contact here (which is presumably spreadier than any stadium
sports event) plenty of people there who were presumably healthy when they
arrived.  Skerjillions of data points, all voluntary lab rats, sheesh this
event has it all.


Now. we get to see: are outdoor events superspreaders?


Speculations please?


It durn sure looks like they aughta be.  If this isn't a super spreader, I
am puzzled.  If this turns out to not spread a lotta covid, I am ready to
declare outdoor crowd events as generally safe.  Well, you might be trampled
or crushed to death of course.  But other than that.








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