[ExI] Big Media is turning into Big Brother

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Tue Nov 9 16:37:56 UTC 2021

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>...If you notice that it is propaganda, then it has failed...

Do let me assure you sir, we noticed.  Our own mainstream news media spew propaganda continuously.  

>...In the last, and perhaps the most delightful, of these selections, Orwell reminds us of how post-Civil War monopoly capitalism tarnished the old, untrammeled, egalitarian America of the 1840s. But the article is no polemic; it is, rather, an evocation of the America of George Orwell’s fondest imaginings—the free and buoyant land that is more symbol than geographic or political fact but is none the less real for that.
—Richard F. Snow


Ja, the US civil war has been interpreted a number of ways.  The northern US states in those days were deep into the industrial revolution.  Capitalism ruled with a vengeance.  He who has the most money is the boss.

The agrarian south still had the social constructs of nobility: a few families owned most of the farmable land, which was the primary source of production in those states not yet heavily industrialized.

In that sense, the notion of slavery and states' rights created kind of proxy war which was really capitalism vs socialism.  Capitalists won that struggle.


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