[ExI] the great credulous

William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 10 21:43:47 UTC 2021

Or, the great American people?

Being towards the right end of the IQ curve as we are, we tend to
exaggerate the influence the media have over the thoughts of the
consumers.  We are no fools, but there are fools around for sure.  And we
may not be impervious to change as we think.

But what percentage of the population are fools?  And are they fools all
the time?  I suggest not.  It is difficult to change attitudes and beliefs
that have been held for years.  Ever notice just how much persuasion is
aimed at convincing people that they need to buy or think about this new
thing?  Newness gets attention.  Few people want to be Luddites in things
they buy or believe.  And isn't everyone else doing it?

Car companies put out new versions every year, at great cost of retooling.
Is that justified by significant improvement?  I doubt that.  iPhone ditto,
and many other things.  Yet it must succeed or they are afraid to stop the
yearly renewal.

And new isn't better, in my case:  Sony Bravia OLED etc., bought 2019, died
and cannot be fixed.  TV repairman said that nobody puts out good TVs
anymore.  Maybe make me think again about extended warranties.   bill w
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