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>.Hey cool, fun idea. we can set an old car on fire if we put some carbon
disulfide in the back seat and shine a bunch of mirrors on it on a really
hot day in a place like the Panamint Valley?  I think we might be able to.




Eh, better idea, more of a challenge: the carbon disulfide notion is a bit
too. cheaty.  You wouldn't ever have that stuff in your car in an open
container (oy, nasty crud it is, few legitimate real-world uses, toxic,
stinky, flammable, way too dangerous to just have for any purpose other
than. well. let's not go into details on that please.)


What if. instead of the carbon diS, we take medical oxygen bottles,
something that a person with lung problems would have, get a coupla the big
boys, 47 liters at 150 bar, replace the wimpy 1 liter/min with a welders
regulator, set er to about 10 liters per minute per bottle, really get it
super oxygeny in that car, buncha proles up in the bleachers with mirrors,
shine em down, greenhouse effect, heh, we could play some Apollo 1 without
actually killing anyone.  


Heh.  Heeheheheheeeeeeeee.  or perhaps: muWAH.haaahahahaaaa.


Oh cool, close up all the vents tight, oxygen level gets way up there in a
few minutes, uncover a coupla hundred mirrors, that might kaWHOMPH into



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