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>>…  We should be using market forces to do that.  So far, markets haven’t chosen that as a high priority.
> spike
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>…Fighting climate change has to be tackled at government level to pass
laws that apply to all companies.

>…But it is not going to happen. The next generation will have to
survive as best they can.



Ja.  The fact that companies cannot compete if they spend their capital fighting climate change scales up to any company of any size.  It isn’t a big leap of intuition to recognize that if a company is the size of a nation, that same principle still applies, and if we want to view nations as competing companies (they are, in a sense) then nations cannot compete with other nations if they spend their capital fighting climate change.


The biggest player in all this (China) isn’t playing, not even trying.  They have no intentions of fighting climate change.  Their company strategy is to out-compete the other nations economically with a long-range vision of taking over the African continent, replacing the people who live there now with their own, living with climate change.



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