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I would be glad to hear which of my ideas is outdated.

China will become more like us very soon:  they will stop making everything
for Amazon because they will no longer have all that cheap labor.  I am
increasingly seeing 'made in Bangladesh' and 'made in Vietnam'.  That trend
will get bigger and bigger as the average Chinese gets more and more middle
class.  bill w

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> On 12/11/2021 15:52, bill w wrote:
> Like the Japanese, the Chinese are a very proud people.  They have been
> dominated by the Japanese to a certain extent and that motivates them.  I
> think they are embarrassed that their country has lagged behind the West
> and Japan and now Korea, and they are desperate to catch up.  They will
> burn coal or do whatever it takes to catch up.  This is not time to
> hamstring your own efforts, they must think.
> I reckon that's a rather outdated view.
> China has unprecendented economic power now. Just try buying a piece of
> electronic equipment that wasn't made in China (try buying virtually
> *anything* from Amazon that wasn't made in China!). I'm just waiting for
> them to start throwing their economic weight about, dictating policies to
> other countries (remind you of anyone?). It's dismaying and worrying how
> many things are 'made in China', once you start taking notice. Here's an
> exercise: Look at all the things necessary for your current existence. Find
> out where they are produced. Cross out all the ones made in China. Could
> you live with what's left? I don't know if we've crossed that line yet, but
> If we're not very careful, they will conquer the world without firing a
> shot. I really doubt that this is just accidental.
> Ben
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