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>...Money is responsible for most if not all of civilization. The only
reason that societies with different Gods tolerate one another is because of
money. Money is the grease in the wheels of progress and it is the manna of
evolution at least for humans.

Stuart!  This brings tears to my eyes.  I am moved, me lad!  Such profound
insights for a young man.  Especially this part:

>...Money is the grease in the wheels of progress and it is the manna of
evolution at least for humans.

Pure poetry!  Please may I steal that?  I will say nice things about you
every time I use it.  

>> Spike, you keep making these grand statements which are not even arguably
true.  ...   bill w

>...Spike is not making grand statements....

On the contrary sir, all my statements are grand.  Some are even more so:
they reach up to grandiose.  And all are arguably true, even if I am the
only one arguing in their favor (against myself.)  In that case, I always
win the argument of course, for eventually I always reach agreement with me.


>...This is encouraging because it suggests that so long as ordinary
American citizens are well-armed, the United States can never become a
totalitarian state...

Ja that notion is in keeping with my understanding and the framers of the US
constitution, who knew a lot about tyranny and how to make sure it didn't
come back after they bled to defeat it.

>... It also suggests that appeals to morality or other ideology highly
suspect. The road to hell is paved with "good"  
intentions.  Stuart LaForge

I have heard this.  That same road has plenty of street signs made of bad
intentions.  These signs are not at all difficult to read.


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