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> Quoting the bible now are we? Do you have a rational argument for
> the existence of good and evil?
> Here is a simplistic moral theory, which like the Golden Rule, has
> exceptions:  assumption:  human beings are a good thing; fact:  we evolved
> in tribes; moral: anything that hurts the tribe is bad (I don't have to use
> the word evil) and if it helps, it's good.  When it's tribe versus tribe it
> gets stickier. >
> what of the little evils like someone whoring out
> their nine-old daughter to make rent? Do you truly not see Spike's
> point that poverty is the cause of much suffering in the world?

I have no quarrel with poverty being really bad.  Possibly the very worst

> In psychology, reproducibility seems less important than simply
> publishing results of wishful one-offs.

No one is a bigger critic of psychology than me.  Here is a short version
of my story:  I started teaching because I had to have income.  As time
went one I went to conferences and symposia, where I was very critical of
the level of the research being presented (far worse:  conferences on
educational research).  All of it was bad.  All.  It was a stage for people
to present things designed for promotion and tenure.  I quit going because
I got tired of criticizing every session article I heard.  Depressing.  Any
real good research went in the good journals (which are a small minority).
So I decided not to play the game.  I never published one thing after grad
school.  I did get a paper into a conference just to have something on my
resume.  My chair was lazy and in a sinecure and didn't care what I did or
didn't do.  I devoted my time to teaching and I was pretty good at it and
am proud of it. I am also proud that I did not contribute to the bullshit
that was what most psychologists put out (how to stop that game?  I just
dunno).  I made full professor and got emeritus status.  I also never tried
to move!  I was happy there.  Clinical psych is even worse than
the experimental areas as far as the importance of the studies and the
reproducability of them.

> Sex is generally the purpose
> of power, at least in terms of primate hierarchies. Strange how
> evolutionary biology gives such explanatory power in psychology.
> I regard myself as an evolutionary psychologist.  A local school has a
> dept of psychology and neuroscience.  I think that is the near future of
> our discipline.  Getting harder and harder science.  I lean far more
> towards biology than towards sociology (those people are really nuts).

I hope I have answered your questions.   bill w

>  Stuart LaForge
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