[ExI] [Extropolis] My current take on emergence and causation. Is the universe pulled toward Life?

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>>> *> Everett aside, we have this problem all over mathematical
>>> physicsbased on differential equations and real numbers. We insist
>>> thatthings unfold deterministically from given initial conditions, but
>>> theinitial conditions are real numbers,*
>> But are they, are Real Numbers really real?  The Bekenstein Bound says
>> the amount of information that can be packed inside a volume is
>> proportional to the number of Planck Areas (the square of the Planck
>> Length) needed to enclose it, and that number is an integer not a real
>> number.  Of course we don't know for a fact that the Bekenstein Bound is
>> true, and we don't know for a fact the time and space are quantized, but if
>> they are and there is a smallest unit of time and a smallest unit of
>> distance then Real Numbers are a sort of mathematical Harry Potter story
>> and our physical world can be fully described without Real Numbers.
> The Bekenstein bound is a quantum notion. Similarly, Heisenberg shows that
> assigning classical initial conditions to a particle is out. But it can be
> argued that real numbers are already a problem in classical physics,
> because we can’t know an infinite amount of information.

Are we talking about Real vs Integer or Real vs Imaginary?

I have an intuition I can't fully express that Imaginary numbers 'combine'
in some ways to produce states that exist and in others do not.   An
analogy might be interference of waves - with the correct timing/phase
there appears to be no wave because it's propagating with its own inverse;
or a doubling of amplitude with a perfectly tuned twin; or some combination
of constructive or destructive net result.
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