[ExI] Does the Star Trek transporter kill people?

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Gabe Waggoner wrote:
"Either way, Krauss's _The Physics of Star Trek_ pretty much convinced me
that transporters will be forever fictional, however cool they are

I did not realize Krauss wrote that book! Lol

I have a close friend who felt royally screwed over by Krauss while in his
physics doctoral program. Upon learning that his wife and the mother of his
children was cheating on him and leaving, he could no longer concentrate on
his studies, and so requested time off so he could grieve and get his head
on straight. Krauss said no, absolutely not, and that basically bad things
happen in life and you cannot let them affect your work. I was floored that
my buddy was treated this way. Is this common treatment/policy from public

Despite this, my friend at least had his masters in physics, and got to
work on an upgrade project for the MRI body scanner, which I thought was
very cool.


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>> If the copying can be done without destroying the original, then the
>> transporter becomes a factory 3D printer creating unlimited copies of
>> anything.
> Notice the replicators that transporters eventually evolved into.  Though,
> "without destroying the original" was the trick they needed to perfect
> first.
>> This seems to me to be unlikely, as the inventor could fill
>> the world with copies of him/herself. Not a problem for Spike, of
>> course, but I can see how some people would consider this to be a
>> problem.  :)
> The inventor could do a thing that most inventors would not want to do -
> but the inventor is not forced to do it.  I fail to see how this is a
> problem.
> The inventor of a gun could commit suicide with it, but most inventors
> would not want to.  This has not stopped guns from being invented.
>> A scanner with this level of detail must also be able to be used for
>> medical purposes. Removing cancer cells, tumors, cosmetic blemishes,
>> etc. Probably the first use, before transportation.
> And notice the early transporters in Star Trek: Enterprise.  Bulk matter,
> where losing a higher percentage of the underlying matter was tolerable,
> was transported long before living beings.
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