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I'm a sucker for self-improvement books, and the latest trend/subject is on
how to properly focus, and cut out all of the clutter/distractions! Lol

In college I hated it when my roommates would listen to music during study
time, and now this gives me understanding why my brain was complaining.


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> No one can do it.  To show that it can, a subject has to be as good on the
> two tasks when done together as they are when doing each separately.  Women
> are not better at it than men, and both are bad.
> Why?  Try listening to music, something a lot of people do when studying
> or working, and not miss a measure while doing your work at the same
> level.  Can't be done.  Yeah, your brain can shut out the music, but even
> that takes brain inhibitory power and you aren't actually doing both
> things.
> Amazon has quite a few books on concentration, which you don't need.  It's
> a matter of cutting the clutter out.  So turn off the TV, stereo, radio,
> pull those plugs out of your iPods and ears and actually pay 100% attention
> to what you are doing.  Or try listening to your music without doing
> anything else.  You will hear things you never heard before.  You just
> might surprise yourself at how much quality work you can do now..    bill w
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