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William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 19 17:45:25 UTC 2021

I have no doubt that focus/attention can be improved through training,
though I don't know what that would consist of.  I am a special case:  I
have tinnitus in both ears and have read that some people have committed
suicide because of it.  If I pay attention to it, it is very annoying.  But
most of the time I don't hear it at all - doesn't bother me.  Right now I
hear it because any stimulant, like my morning coffee makes it worse.
Still not bothering me.

I have read where there are pain clinics that deal with terrible pain that
no drugs can touch.  The idea is to teach the person how to live it.  The
further idea is that there is a difference between pain and suffering.
Pain you cannot turn off, but apparently suffering can be.  Some women go
through childbirth only commenting on pressure, not pain.

I would like to hear about your experience with self-improvement books.  If
they are like the seminars businesses put on to improve their employees,
then you get a significant effect in changing behavior, but it only lasts
about two weeks.  First, I think you have to be able to ditch old habits
and acquire new ones which last, and that is a big, big order to fill.
 bill w

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> I'm a sucker for self-improvement books, and the latest trend/subject is
> on how to properly focus, and cut out all of the clutter/distractions! Lol
> In college I hated it when my roommates would listen to music during study
> time, and now this gives me understanding why my brain was complaining.
> John
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>> No one can do it.  To show that it can, a subject has to be as good on
>> the two tasks when done together as they are when doing each separately.
>> Women are not better at it than men, and both are bad.
>> Why?  Try listening to music, something a lot of people do when studying
>> or working, and not miss a measure while doing your work at the same
>> level.  Can't be done.  Yeah, your brain can shut out the music, but even
>> that takes brain inhibitory power and you aren't actually doing both
>> things.
>> Amazon has quite a few books on concentration, which you don't need.
>> It's a matter of cutting the clutter out.  So turn off the TV, stereo,
>> radio, pull those plugs out of your iPods and ears and actually pay 100%
>> attention to what you are doing.  Or try listening to your music without
>> doing anything else.  You will hear things you never heard before.  You
>> just might surprise yourself at how much quality work you can do now..
>> bill w
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