[ExI] Does the Star Trek transporter kill people?

Ben Zaiboc ben at zaiboc.net
Fri Nov 19 18:39:00 UTC 2021

On 19/11/2021 15:57, John Grigg wrote:
> I have a close friend who felt royally screwed over by Krauss while in 
> his physics doctoral program. Upon learning that his wife and the 
> mother of his children was cheating on him and leaving, he could no 
> longer concentrate on his studies, and so requested time off so he 
> could grieve and get his head on straight. Krauss said no, absolutely 
> not, and that basically bad things happen in life and you cannot let 
> them affect your work. I was floored that my buddy was treated this 
> way. Is this common treatment/policy from public universities?
> Despite this, my friend at least had his masters in physics, and got 
> to work on an upgrade project for the MRI body scanner, which I 
> thought was very cool.

When you say "despite this", do you perhaps mean "because of this"?

Obviously Krauss realised that 'he could no longer concentrate on his 
studies' was incorrect, at least.


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